Progress Report: The closet

Having clothes in piles, albeit clean and neatly folded, has been enough to drive me batty. So this Sunday I tackled the closet with a couple simple fixes to make it work for me.

Fist, I drilled these screws behind the clothes rod. 
The I dropped a pair of boots into a re-used shopping bag and voila: my boots have a home and they won't get my clothes dirty.

Next, I hung two extra rods. The highest one hangs a tad too low because there were steel beams or something underneath the dry wall and forced me to lower the rod. Eh, guess you can't always win. Still, the rod does it's job of keeping my shopping habit organized.
Then, I mounted a push light inside. The idea of trying to identify one of a zillion pair of black pants in a dark space when I'm already 10 minutes late out the door made this an attractive solution.

This wasn't a fix to the closet, but another idea that I had was to try hanging my boots from the lower bar and create a functional display. My feelings on the results are mixed. It looks good but after all the laundry is washed we will see if there's still space. And yes, that is a binder clip. Ideas for something more presentable?
Fortunately, I now have laundry machines in the unit so I eliminated one laundry bag and plan to wash as loads accumulate rather than after everything is dirty and I have no choice but to haul a months worth of stuff to the shared facility.

I also layered storage on the bottom level by stacking shoe boxes behind the clothes and laundry.

I'm fairly certain I've squeezed every inch of storage out of this closet. What do you think?

Shopping list:
Screws- from bottom of kitchen junk drawer
clothing rod: from Home Depot $6.97 each
push light: from Home Depot 2 for ~ $8
binder clips: bottom of kitchen junk drawer

Your turn. Show me your closet make over's or tell me how you plan to revamp them.

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