How you can use Pinterest to target your blogging audience

One year ago, I sat with a fellow blogger and confessed that I was addicted to an online pinboard. As proof I pulled up a set of jeweled magnetic pinboard clips I had followed through several re-pins and a blog until I could locate the source. 

If you have a snazzy creation to share with the world, Pinterest may be your channel to market.

The analytic maps shows what types of people use Pinterest, how the site interacts with other social media tools, how fast and how large the company has grown, and which companies are benefiting from the additional brand exposure. 

Btw, Daily Infographic is an information design and data visualization website. The site produces interesting, visually stimulating, mind blowing infographics. You can sign up to have a new inforgraphic sent to your inbox every day.

Source: Daily Infographic

Insanely Awesome Rooms

I didn't copy every post from Not My Beautiful Home - tempting as it was. Every once in a while I wander onto a blog, get lost in it and everything outside of my laptop screen disappears. Well people, this is one of them. I have that whole "give me an old bottle, three river rocks, a tube of glitter, and some pvc pipes so I can pimp my house" vibe.

I am going back now. Race you there!

How to Combine Multiple Rooms in One

Living room + Home office + Lounge

Most space saving designs include some secret ingredient for multitasking. The key to making this small space functional is a desk equipped with wheels.

You can see in the room plan above that bookcases or open shelving on the opposing wall will alleviate the chore of moving everything out of the room every time you need to switch tasks. 

Simple accessories, in the right scale, bring in color and personality. 

Living in a small space does not mean you have to live small. Thoughtful rearranging can allow you to do it all.

See this and other space saving room plans at Shelterness.

Light me up with love notes: Paper note chandeliers

All the romantics in the place, please join me for a collective "gasp!"

Remember all the reasons you fell in love? Do you remember checking your phone every 15 minutes; when a week apart felt like being marooned on a deserted island?

Do you remember the summer you spent abroad wondering if he had forgotten you? Do you remember writing and deleting lines in your email over and over again because the words did not seem adequate to capture what you were feeling?

Do you remember wondering when he would ask? When you would finally being able to tell him "yes"? The vowels you wrote when the the chance finally did come?

I could think of a million moments to fill these love notes with!

That is probably why these chandeliers come with a few blank sheets and plenty of clips.

This year, I fell in love. Twice. First, with the man of my dreams. Also, with this community of bloggers.

My readers have helped me to unearth a whole new joy. Your motivation and insight has made Style Bent into the place I love to retreat to at the end my days. Thank you all.


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Math is Art

There are two things I must get out of the way in order for this post to make any sense.

1. Mat Bomer aka Neal Caffrey in White Collar

Ex-ish con man who helps the feds solve crimes as part of a work-release program. An art aficionado and indulger in all things rare. Case in point: his apartment.

2. Mathematical Fractal

I will keep the nerd factor to a minimum. A fractal is a rough or fragmented geometric shape that can be split into parts, each of which is (at least approximately) a reduced-size copy of the whole. If you want a bigger dose, and it is worth learning about, do your nerdy art loving heart a favor and check out the Wikipedia page. Fractals are an amazing phenomenon found in most of nature.

Blitz summary of events that brought Neal, and me, to learn about fractals:

Adler's hired assassin shipping Nazi dishes. A music box stolen by the Nazi's. Neal's true love gets blown up. A fractal in the music box Neal and Alex think points to something that went missing in the '40's. 

As another favor for your nerdy art loving heart, watch the show, faun over the world traveled decor, and pretend Mat Bomer does not count as a piece of the art work.

3. The point of this post: Math is art. 

The ancient Egyptians and ancient Greeks knew about the golden ratio, regarded as an aesthetically pleasing ratio, and incorporated it into the design of monuments including the Great Pyramid, the Parthenon, the Colosseum.

 A picture can speak a thousand words. What better way to make math make sense?


These mathematical sketches would make great posters. Perhaps on aged paper to create a vintage look.

One of the most famous, almost-a-fractal, works of art is The Great Wave Off Kanagawa.

It depicts an enormous wave threatening boats near the Japanese prefecture of Kanagawa. What makes it an almost-a-fractal is that the artwork was was published in 1832, before theory of fractals was invented.

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Apartment photos are all from USA Network.