I made a second visit to Trohv this weekend just to see what they had in stock. Boy was I impressed, yet again. The first time I visited the store I took two hours ohhhing and ahhhing before AJ reminded me we did have a life and plans outside of the place.

We made a second visit this weekend. I managed to snap some photos this time to share on the blog.

 My favorite item in the store, these large bulb pendant can fit in modern or traditional rooms.

These industrial rolling shelves would look great with some international decor items displayed.

 The rug is made of leather strips. If you are like me and love the twangy smell of leather this would rock your world.

Would it be too much to expect a love note in the morning instead of a breakfast order?

All images are my own.

Trohv is located at 
232 Carroll Street NW
Washington, DC 20012

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