The Bag that Isn't a Bag at All

At long last the quest to find a slim, modern shoulder bag has ended- in the computer aisle. From two aisles away the clean lines of this case caught my eye and would not let go. For so many months I've had this vision in my mind of purse that projected business but not the bulky, soccer mom styles so common right now.Then last night the Abbi case challenged my paradigm- So it's a laptop case but who says what is or is not allowed to go into the bag? Next, I noticed how the handles slyly slid down for when the shoulder stap is preferred. SOLD! Now that the idea has surfaced the possibilities are endless:

Abbi Animal Print Nairobi Slim Laptop Bag

Knomo Slim Laptop

And if you are wondering how it will fit in with the rest of your wardrobe here's what I paired it with:

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