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At the onset of 2010 I promised myself I'd grow in my yoga practice; even headed out to Target and stocked up on the essentials. Only a few days in the reality of having a roommate hit home: Other person = unwelcome intrusions. My roomie is awesome but our shared space is not going to work out for my practice.

For the next practice I set up my mat in the bedroom, folded into a seated pose, started the breathing exercises,  then realized the tv remote was jabbing me in the ankle. The following three weeks were spent imagining the room was clean enough to roll out my fierce warrior pose without fear of crushing some appliance in the process. Some Saturdays I'd even make it happen. Most weekdays though I had time for cleaning or yoga and since the former meant not having time for the other neither got done.

For me, yoga requires space and peace. Without those ingredients the, also necessary, time and commitment are hard to garner. Rather than abandon my goal I've decided to create a space (really a patch of wall and carpet) where my practice takes precedent.

Endearingly titled the "No Kill Zone", this is a few square feet of DC real estate where the abandoned what nots of single working girl life have no refuge. Every inch is meant to inspire joy and productivity. 

Design for Yoga

Have you had to literally make space for your goals? How has your home design/decor been altered to accommodate your personal growth?

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  1. What an insightful and honest blog about Yoga! I agree with personal space. I painted my entire room mauve to create a sense of calm and painted furniture purple and green. Every time I come home, my bed room is the best place for me to go!! Goal Accomplished.


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