What Target alias would you be?

If someone looked in my checkbook apartment you'd understand something the savvy merchandisers for Target already know. There is a Target alias for all of us. They might call them collections but every time I 'step' into that online marketplace my world transforms- something classical and spunky plays on a piano. Classy dames and handsome gents waltz into view. Their satin gowns with conservative necklines and plunging back cuts shimmer while tuxedo clad partners spin them around. In Target, I live glamorous, bold, and elegant. I am Regency.

Phew, ok. Back to blog land. Here are some of the pieces that embody the Regency alias.

Product Image Zebra Stool
Zebra Stool $49.99

Product Image Glass Accent Table - 25.25"
Glass Accent Table $89.99

Product Image Dupioni Fret Work Pillow

Dupioni Fret Work Pillow $19.99

Product Image Crystal Lamp Base
Crystal Lamp Base (Price Not listed)

Product Image Fretwork Tray
Fretwork Tray $12.99

What Target alias would you be? How does it make you feel?

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