New Diggs and Sunshine

bedrooms - yellow  gray  black  white  upholstered  headboard  bed  bright  yellow  modern  chrome  chairs  glass  top  chrome  modern  coffee table  black  nightstands  yellow  lamps  silver  abstract  wall art  white walls  white  bedding  gray  ribbon  border  trim  black  white Greek key  Jonathan Adler  pillows  cowhide  zebra rug  gray  rug  modern  bedroom
Inspiration Room 1

bedrooms - yellow  gray  white  modern  wingback  chairs  white  column  lamps  glossy  yellow  lacquer  nightstands  tables  yellow  white  wall art  yellow  dresser  ivory  flokati  rug  modern  lamps  gray walls  bedroom
Inspiration Room 2

I am in the midst of relocating my life to within walking distance of  law school. It will be very odd to be on a college campus again. The idea has got me feeling playful. Add to that the fact the sun has decided to grace DC for the day- and the design of my new room is taking a light hearted turn.

Right now the walls are painted like this:

And I've got this desk from Target:
black desk
A black leather ottoman found on Craigs list last year:
An Ikea pendant lamp (one of my favorite thing):
KNAPPA Pendant lamp
Oval mirror, another Ikea find:
KOLJA Mirror

By now you've noticed the missing ingredient: yellow. I need lots of yellow. Here's the shopping list for this pay period (sad reality):
Desk chair
Full size bedding
Spray paint (to repurpose metal lamps)
wall art

The up side of having little to work with is having flexibility to be creative. Have you seen any sunshine housewares? Anything that'll fit in a 9x11 rented room? Extra points for DIY and chic on the cheap suggestions.

Bedroom photos from Decor Pad
Desk image from Target
Ikea products from Ikea USA

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