Good Morning Sunshines

Can I just say, I love when my to do list clearly says I need to do lots and lots of shopping?

This is the room before. It was a very gray day in DC so the light isn't bright enough to relay the exact peachy orange-y hue of the walls. Someone, somewhere loves this color but it made me want to loose my stomach.
 So I went to Home Depot with a color sample (yes that is a Christmas bag- can't help where the inspiration comes from) and walked out ready for the face lift.

About two hours and one Amos Lee cd later the progress was already looking amazing. The step by step post is in the works.

And then my camera broke. Or rather, I broke it under my heel stepping from the step ladder.

Seeing as how I can't show you the finished product how's about a decorating teaser instead?

I know foo dogs are getting a bit played out now. But I was late to the band wagon and I wanna play too! AND they are yellow. So that's that.

My mental to do list goes like this:
Buy bedding
Spay paint the malm dressers?
borrow power drill
touch up annoying paint smear on window wall
wallpaper the malms??
pack files
use remainder of laundry card
mount a clothes rod in the malms??? but still have to paint...
get shower curtain liner
schedule manicure pronto

Wish me luck!

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  1. I've heard painting Ikea furniture never goes over well and the paint starts chipping shortly after the paint dries. What color are they? Black? I'd stick with em as is! It'll be a nice contrast to the light yellows and greys.



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