My Pretty Wings

I really love these butterflies. And I really love the yellow on that grey wall. Sorry for the bad lighting- my cell phone has been putting in over time ever since the camera was broken.

So, here's a mock up of the wall to the right of those:

I'd like to stock a mini bar on the lowest self above the dressers. Other than that I'm still deciding what all will go here.

Since the space is so teeny tiny everything must be functional. The top right drawer here is empty and begging for some organization project. Jewelry storage maybe?

It does feel a bit selfish considering how much the bedroom has to hold, but I'm trying very hard not to put ANYTHING on the top of those dressers. I sort of hate surface clutter. So, at some point when reality kicks in and my wish is not feasible, what ideas do you have for surface display/storage?


  1. Hello there, I connected to your link through Live Creating Yourself blog. Can't wait to see the finished room. Love the colors!

  2. Loving that!! Great job. Surface clutter and I have an ongoing battle for sure. I think fabric boxes are always a good way to store stuff. Can't wait to see what you do next!

  3. Oh what a cute idea, with the butterflies;)
    I love it!

    Greetings from Germany...

  4. How did you attach them to the wall? Is it just tape and I'm overthinking?

    I just found your blog via LiveCreatingYourself and it really resonates with me (I'm also currently trying to personalize a small space). Keep up the awesome (and inspiring) work!

  5. Love the way you've done these butterflies, such a great interpretation of the DesignSponge idea. I too love quotes, and have been musing how to incorporate more into my life, where I'll see them, rather than them being hidden away.

  6. Hi, found your blog through Alaina's. Your butterflies look great :)

  7. Just seen this on Live Creating Yourself, and I love it! I'm now following :)

  8. So cute-- I think I may have to steal your idea. Can't wait for your next post!
    XO fallon


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