Pretty Wings

I've had this idea for a while or really just the need actually. I'm a quote nut. Every mirror in the apartment has been tagged with lipstick or eyeliner. Every wall boasts some guiding aspiration. So the time for finding a method of displaying, without over decorating, the quotes is in order. Then along came this picture from Design*Sponge

It was mentioned as an idea for wedding guests to write their names or a word to the bride and groom.

And the gears started turning. 
  1. This is easy
  2. This is inexpensive
  3. This is an clever way to add color (or change it)

So last week I headed out to Target and bought this
Next to Staples for a pack of this 

( yellow is still in the building people)

The song Pretty Wings by Maxwell has been on my brain like mad. I've never met a soul who didn't love this song. So one of my pretty wings will say:

Let love set you free
To fly your pretty wings around

Come back tomorrow to see the results!

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