Stop with the Tupperware

While thong bodysuits remain number one on my list of 'crap you should leave at the store', plastic tupperware is definitely in strong competition. Lest the readers be misled, I am not anti environment, anti convenience, or anti saving money. Just anti stained, mismatched, and warped plastic.


Clear Bubble Glass container by Chefs
Glass Storage Containers

Still in style, glass jars.
Glass food storage containers work OK for short-term storage. For long term storage, food should be in opaque containers. offers a slew of stylish eco friendly products; who knew?

LunchBots - Stainless Steel Food Container, Pico (small)

Preview ImagePreview Image

LunchSkins Sandwich Bag

Vintage style glass containers from The Container Store

It's little ole me against America's tupperware addiction.

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