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My girls are scheming on a cruise in the next couple of weeks, which means I've got to think about swimsuits. The reason I don't currently own one: I can't swim. Blame it on my doting and sensitive mother for refusing to throw me in the pool like my uncles did the boys.

That said, if I've got to be the cell phone and drink sitter at the pool, I darn sure plan to look good doing it.

Bendito Dulce <sup><b>new!</b></sup>
Bendito Dulce <sup><b>new!</b></sup>

Really digging the high waisted bottoms this year.

Bendito Candy <sup><b>new!</b></sup>

Ooh, and sculptured pieces too.

Bendito Light <sup><b>new!</b></sup>

Bendita Aventura <sup><b>new!</b></sup>

Without the fear of anything falling out or moving around, a brave one piece is a strong contender.

What swimsuits are you crushing on?

All images from The Orchid Boutiqe by designer Bendita Aventura

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