You had me at foyer

Designer Troy Beasley made my eyes sparkle with this cleaver bedroom foyer structured by hanging curtains. Bedroom foyers give a feeling of suspension and mystery. The mind ponders what adventure waits around the curtain...

beasley gray yellow master bedroom

After doing some research on the designer I began to love his work more,

beasley round master bath

And more.

beasley yellow brown living room

And here he shares a few tips.


  1. Ooo! Love love love the tree stump coffee tables, and the yellow bathtub, AND the mirrored grey armoire. Beautiful post!

  2. OMG! love it, all the different grey colours!
    The mirrored grey armoire is the best!
    thank you for sharing!

    i have to paint something in grey right now!;)

  3. @ Alaina those coffee tables are such a cool ideal
    @ Pudeldesign I got that same itch and wound up with a gray and white stripe room- no regrets yet!


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