Style Bent's First Giveaway

It happened by accident. I asked a friend to grab me some make-up remover while they were at the store because 1) I was DEEP into some Tort Law outlining; and 2) Makeup has become my saving grace with all the late study nights.

Problem is 1) The brand I asked for was out and 2) Said friend was shopping at a wholesale store. I now have 3 bottles of Neutrogena Oil-Free Eye Make-up Remover. And, is the BOMB. 

What I like:

1. It doesn't strip every drop of moisture from my face but still cleans all the make-up away
2. No burning sensation
3. No bad smells
4. Awesome price.
5. Does the job quickly so I'm not scrubbing or washing up a whole other mess.



1. The giveaway begins tomorrow.
2. Enter by following the blog. PLUS Because I am new to blogging and looking to grow, shoot me an  email  with CONSTRUCTIVE tips on how to improve the blog. Think simple, only a couple steps a newbie can handle. This will get ya a double entry. PLUS shout out the giveaway on your blog and I'll make it a tripple.
3.  Your job is done.
4. The winner will be announced the next Wednesday.

Thanks in advance!


As much as I love free stuff, it pays to be an educated consumer. Here are some sites you can check out to get the low down on Neutrogena Oil-Free Eye Make-up Remover.


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