Behind the Seams: Zappos Couture

This online outlet has been bounced around the blogosphere since it's debut this fall. But just in case any unfortunate soul has been missed, here a glimpse into Zappos Couture.

Kate Spade New York Crystal Confection Ring


Their Retail Story:

"... was created for the ultra-stylish, for the designer followers, the in-the-knows, the Vogue readers, the runway watchers – but really anyone looking for the latest and greatest items from the best international fashion houses. Zappos Couture offers the same convenience and world-class customer service you've come to expect from lightning-fast processing, free shipping, complimentary return shipping, and a 365-day return policy.
Conceived as a full-service online boutique, at you'll not only find incredible clothes at great prices, you'll also find professional style picks from top buyers and other fashion experts, reports on emerging trends, and interactive content designed to help you make difficult style decisions and just have fun shopping too ..."


And the praises are being shouted form the rooftops:

Kat Bremhors of Second City Style showed up to the party on time; announcing to all:

"   Zappos now has even outdone itself and come out with a sister site aptly named,  Zappos Couture. All the benefits of your favorite site now with all your favoritedesigners! This couture site has bags, shoes, accessories, and clothes for men and women. You can narrow your search down easily to make finding that perfect fringed leather bag easier than ever..."

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