I'm late... I'm late, I'm late, I'm LATE- Fall Capes

Big apologies, this post was supposed to be up several days ago. I've just completed my first week of law school. In an orientation seminar, one professor warned "law school will beat every creative bone out of your body so find a place where you can put that energy that is outside of here", and I am taking her to heart. You readers are my happy place. Thank you for being patient and giving me a creative refuge.

Without further ago, let's discuss fall capes.

Although not new, retailers all over the place are reinterpreting these warm and cozy winter garments for 2010.

I'm especially excited to see the variety of colors coming down the runways. Last years run centered on muted tones and I didn't notice as many tailored fits.

Jil Sander
(by Jill Sanders via InStyle)

Zac Posen
(by Zac Posen via InStyle)

Emilio Pucci
(by Emilio Pucci via InStyle)

(Gossip Girl)

Becomegorgeous.com has provided a great summary of how and when to don the piece. Their tips include:

In order to look your best you must make sure that you 
  • Choose the right cut as well as the right colors that will match your skin tone and that will allow you create interesting outfits. 
  • If you are thinking about purchasing a cape coat you should make sure that you are comfortable with adding volume in the upper part of body. 
  • Because you will be creating a lot of volume in the upper part of the body you will need to balance out the lower part by wearing tight fitting pants, narrow skirts, leggins or skinny jeans. 
  • For a casual look pairing the coat a cute top, skinny jeans and knee high boots can be a good choice

My question: will the 2010 cape in all it's bright and modern finishes be a fashion fling or steady thing?

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  1. I've been pondering the same thing! I also love how everyone is sporting normal coats like capes!

    love your blog, just started following you : )


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