When "daybed" comes up, many people probably picture this:

(Furniture on the Web)
...or this:

(Ebedstore) (And I have had this exact bed)

Yes, daybeds probably remind many of the '80s-style white metal ones in little girls' rooms or of nights resting on dated floral pillows at Grandma's house. But daybeds deserve more credit. Not only do they make tiny bedrooms seem bigger, but several come with trundles to make room for guests. I've slept on daybeds most of my life, and though I now have a queen-size mattress (because as I get older I sleep wilder), I can't praise the daybed enough. They're much more fun than simple twin beds--and more comfortable than futons--and they can free up corner space to hide your junk mail...wait, nevermind. There are gorgeously modern styles available, some of which could pass for loveseats. If you're trying to furnish tight dimensions, try one!

(Apartment Therapy)

(Mission Mattress and More)



(Marston daybed)

(Sleepland Beds UK)

(Home Decorators)

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